Jakarta, 3rd May 2017 – Company who is engaged in the field of telecommunication, PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk (MKNT), targeting sales turnover of Telkomsel’s prepaid vouchers and SIM Card in this year would reach Rp 6 trillion 

The target is equivalent with company’s monthly turnover target, which is Rp 500 billion. The company is very optimistic to reach the target, since on Q1, the company’s sales turnover has sharply increased, it even reached 439% if it’s compared with Q1 in 2016. From the income statement and other comprehensive income consolidated interim per Q1 2017, the company has successfully listed its net sales worth Rp 1,055 trillion, meanwhile at the same period in the previous year, the company only reached the turnover worth Rp 196 billion. Along with the turnover, company’s profit per Q1 2017 also increased to Rp 7,9 billion or grew by 203% from profit in Q1 2016, which was way smaller, Rp 2,6 billion. 

The company believes that the target would be reached at the end of this year. Since the MKNT-coded issuer has prepared 2 strategic steps in order to escalate its profit from sales of Telkomsel’s prepaid voucher and SIM Card. 

Corporate Secretary, Ornella Bartin, said that the first strategic step would be by dividing target areas of sales operation. Next, Ornella continued, the company would “spread” Telkomsel’s prepaid vouchers and SIM Card in 3 main operational areas, which are Java, Sumatera, and Bali. 

Besides, Ornella also added that the company steps would be being fully supported by MKNT’s subsidiaries, PT Mitra Sarana Berkat (MSB) which main business’ activities focus on distribution of prepaid voucher and SIM Card for Telkomsel. 

“Currently, company prioritizes organic growth. And we have prepared strategic steps to achieve the determined target. Hopefully, we can exceeds those targets,” she explained. 

The second step would be by boosting sales increase of Internet package, especially for the big denominations of Rp 50.000,- and Rp 100.000,-. Ornella said, even the sales turnover of Internet package with the big denominations up to this point has reached significant amount, but the company revenue is still low. 

“Focus on sales of Internet package, minimum denomination of Rp 50.000 to Rp 100.000, because sales of Internet package with big denominations up to this point has a big turnover yet small revenue,” she said.