Jakarta, 30 January 2017 - single dealer of Cyrus's gadget product, (smartphone and table / pad), PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk (MKNT), poured additional capital funds to its subsidiary company, PT Mitra Sarana Berkat (MSB) of Rp 71 M 

Transaction of the addition of the capital funds by MKNT is done in two stages. The company paid a total of Rp 28.45 M on December 23, 2016 and the rest worth Rp 42.55 M deposited on January 26, 2017. With the addition of the capital fund, the equity was recorded to Rp 131.50 M based on the company's financial report in Q3 last year.

 The President Director of MKNT, Jefri Junaedi, said the MSB capital funds is increased in order to develop the business. Specifically, the additional capital funds will be used to increase sales of Telkomsel's prepaid vouchers products. MSB will establish a new subsidiary that specifically sells Telkomsel's prepaid vouchers.

 "With the establishment of a new subsidiary and acquisition of a subsidiary engaged in the sale of Telkomsel prepaid vouchers products," he explained as published in the company's No. 016/MKNT-OJK/I/17.

 As known, PT Mitra Sarana Berkat (MSB) is a subsidiary or entity of MKNT-coded stock issuers. MSB was established on November 26, 2015, with authorized capital of Rp 1 M. MSB's business activities cover general telecommunication services, particularly the sales of prepaid vouchers and sim cards from Telkomsel operators.

 MKNT Information

PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk (MKNT) is a publicly listed company focusing on distribution and sales of telecommunication products such gadgets (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets / pads) and prepaid vouchers. Currently, the company oversees three subsidiary companies, which are PT Telering Onyx Pratama (TOP), PT Mitra Sarana Berkat (MSB), and PT Mitra Telindo Nusantara (MTN).