Surabaya, 29 December 2015

1000 Steps for a Bright Future

Who isn’t helpless when their legs as the body support are broken? Who denied the steps of walking, led by the life with no direction?

People use to call him Mat Holan. He’s around 54 years old. Mat Holan lives in Surabaya. On daily basis, he’s picking up trash (scavenger) in order to earn Rupiah. Although he doesn’t earn much money, but he is always grateful for what he has. What’s the matter? He is not able to do so many things. Yes, Mat Holan is incapable for certain jobs as many people do. Not because he doesn’t want to, but it’s because he’s helpless when it comes to work, he’s unable to conquer his conditions.

Like most people, Mat Holan also has hopes and wishes in life. But unfortunately, he must say goodbye to his dream. But things have suddenly changed. He wasn’t happy with it, but he can’t do anything about it either.

Mat Holan, the man with a “big” physical characteristic, had a severe accident that changed his life. Job, wishes, dreams, purposes, even his life, changed in all of a sudden. He’s not the person he was, he can’t work they way he used to, he lost his hopes, he said goodbye to his dreams, he lost his way, that’s all because of the accident, from normal to be extraordinary. He must think extra, as if there’s no word other than “no matter what happened, I have to work things out”.

The accident even devastated the most important things in his life back then. How come?  Because of the accident, he’s not able to work anymore as he used to. Practically, he was financially unstable. Before the accident, Mat Holan was known as a hardworking individual. Even his closest friends barely heard him complaining about his life. He spent his days on the street and worked as bus driver.

His life on the street taught him to be a strong-willed and thriving person. Among the bus driver, he’s known as hard worker. Years passed by leaning back on hard bus driver seat. Bittersweet life? He’s been there, done that.

Until one day the unfortunate thing occurred. That morning he left his house and drove the bus on his usual track, he stayed calm starting his daily routine. He wiped his windshield for a while then left to drive his bus since the passengers has waited for the bus to come.

He also had no idea if something unpleasant was going to happen. Mat Holan drove his bus as usual, on the same road and the view he used to pass through. Unfortunately, only God knows what was bugging his mind, he was driving his bus and suddenly “bruuuuuak”, the accident was inevitable.

Mat Holan collapsed. He was injured real bad and taken to hospital right after. His leg was seriously injured. Due to the incident, the Doctor who treated him in the hospital couldn’t do much to help but to amputate his leg.

He was shock when the Doctor suggested an amputation, but Mat Holan also had no idea of what to do. At that time, he was only hoping that the Doctor could get rid of the pain he felt on his leg. Even though he was unwillingly disagreeing at first, the Doctor ended up by amputating one of his legs.

Everything has changed in a flash. Mat Holan used to press down the accelerator on his bus, now he can only slowly step on pile of trash. Sorting out and picking up junks, that is still potential to be Rupiah.