PT Kioson Komersial Indonesia Tbk is an online to offline (O2O) technology platform that connects online merchant with offline customers through traditional retail network.

Kioson was established in August 8, 2015, according to Shareholder Resolution Statement Letter no. 195 May 23, 2017, which is known by Hasbullah Rashid as a notary, Kioson has a capital share of Rp 50,000,000,000, - (fifty billion rupiah).

Kioson was established with Vision to build the largest Electroic Retailer (E-tailer) network in Indonesia by working with small and medium-sized business partners spread in Indonesia and has Mission to leverage small and medium entrepreneurs using technology in improving competitiveness that will increasing partners (KCP) welfare.


PT Kioson Komersial Tbk Indonesia has a total share of 500,000,000 shares. The composition of share ownership as follows:

PT Artav Mobile Indonesia                                           : 70,06 %

PT Sinar Mitra Investama                                              : 12,5 %

PT Seluler Makmur Sejahtera                                     : 12,5 %

PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk                        : 4,94 %


Organizational Structure of PT Kioson Komersial Indonesia Tbk :

Board of Commissioners :

Main Commissioner                                                        : Viperi Limiardi

Commissioner                                                                   : Roby Tan

Independent Commissioner                                       : Tan Giok Lan


Board of Directors :

President Director                                                           : Jasin Halim

Financial Director                                                             : Setiawan Parikesit Kencana

Independent Director                                                    : Rico Ofna Putra




Kioson Business :

• Kioson in cooperation with a lot of companies which provide easy access in doing transactions and payments for small and medium entrepreneurs in rural areas.

• Kioson bridges access between urban enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas in order to connect and transact.

• Small and medium traders can easily fulfilling the needs of rural communities where living surrounding them.


E-commerce & Payment

Kioson is a company running in the field of online trading or e-commerce* and technology.

* E-commerce is an electronic trading or a process of selling and purchasing or exchanging goods and services involving two parties (sellers and buyers) using an interconnected electronic system


Online to offline

Kioson provides digital applications that are intended for all small shops and SMEs throughout Indonesia.

Kioson bridged all the digital deals that were formerly only for big companies.


Competitive advantages :

• High number of SME Partners

• Have unique Products and services

• As a pioneer in the field of SME e-commerce

 Now, more than 15.000 partners (KCP) in Indonesia has joined with Kioson.


Products and Services available on Kioson Apps :

1.       Voucher Sale (Mobile Credits, TV, Electricity & Game)

2.       Pay Bills (Water, TV, Electricity, Phones, etc)

3.       E-Commerce (Gadget, Fashio, Accessories, Appliances)

4.       Financial Access (BNI Laku Pandai)

5.       Insurance Access (Sell & Pay)

6.       Partnership (Multifinance, OLX, Tokopedia)

Business flow Kioson - Online to Offline (O2O) :

1.       Visit the store

2.       Select product

3.       Pay with cash or cashless

4.       Product send

5.       Pickup product

Transaction flow :

1.       Retail Partners Top Up Credit – Credit Top Up Via Transfer

2.       Credit Deducted at each transaction – Credit Top Up Via Virtual Account

3.       Customer Pay, Cash or Cashless – Credit Top Up Via Kioson’s Sales Person