Jakarta, August 30, 2017 - In order to strengthen its distribution network, PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk, develops new distribution channel in East Jakarta area. Although the company's profit in Q2 2017 has risen almost 400% compared to Q2 in previous year, the company continues to expand its distribution network to increase market share. Especially market in big cities like Jakarta. 

Recently, MKNT-coded issuers added distribution networks in East Jakarta. The operational area covers 43 administrative villages around Jagakarsa, Condet and Cipayung with total of 4650 stores to accelerate the distribution process. The company plans to place 125 sales distributors at certain points on this route. While the coordination center will be placed in several distribution centers include Condet, Jagakarsa, Cipayung, Ciracas, and Cililitan. 

"We are recenlty developing the distribution channels in East Jakarta so that our market share in big cities will be bigger. We choose the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEast Jakarta because the potential market here is still pretty good and roughly calculated, we can still fit in with the market, "he explained. 

According to Ornella Bartin, The Corporate Secretary, based on sales capacity  on this distribution channel is sufficient to boost the financial performance of the company, therefore the company will not suffer financial loss during the development of the distribution network in this region. Moreover, East Jakarta became the most populous area in Jakarta, which is populated by about 2.84 million people. Besides, it also has the largest area, which reaches 188.08 km2.

With the addition of this cluster, the company expects sales turnover target until the end of this year is set at Rp 6 trillion, will be more easily achieved. Even on the paper, the company is optimistic to exceed its own target, which is Rp 6.5 trillion. 

This distribution line is under the management of PT Catalist Integra Prima Sukses (CIPS). The source of funds for this corporate action comes from internal treasury. The largest investment is in procurement of prepaid vouchers. Because the needs of prepaid vouchers in this region is quite high. "So the largest in the procurement is the prepaid vouchers. Since the demand in this region is quite high. And indeed, East Jakarta area is the largest and the most populated area, yes, "said Ornella. 


So far, the MKNT distribution area map already covers the major cities on Sumatra, Java, Bali and NTB. With distribution from the distributors have reached at least in 8,455 administrative villages. Besides the addition of distribution channels, MKNT will continue to consistently transform its business into the realm of Digital and Fintech ecosystem (financial technology). Because with the help of technology we will get exceptional efficiency and can build new business opportunities, "he explained.