Pt Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk

MKNT is founded on 14th July 2008, based on decree No. AHU-46683.AH.01.01 tahun 2008. As a company engaged in the distribution of telecommunications products. The majority shareholder of MKNT is PT Monjess Investama, whom has 51% of the share and the rest is owned by public.

PT Mitra Komunikasi Nusantara Tbk, was formed with the aim to accommodate telecommunication needs of Indonesian society. The rapidly growing digital era and is offset with public’s expectation of ease of access to globalization is also increasing, for that reason, the company has committed working on such needs in order to encourage the public to be more technologically literate, so the life of Indonesian would be better in the future.

Focusing on the telecommunication business, the company's business activities refer to three very basic aspects, which are telecommunication hardware (Smartphone and Tablet/Pad), prepaid vouchers, and networks. Therefore, it motivates PT MKN to run its business, which is based on the main activities of distribution and sales.


To become the reliable and professional telecommunication distributor in national scale


To widen and enhance network distribution all around Indonesia

To deliver the best distribution service, supported by experts in order to increase satisfaction and trust for all business partners